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January 11, 2001

8 years ago
January 1993
Snow blanketed Eudora in white after a weekend snowstorm dumped as much as 11 inches of snow on the area. Freezing rain and sleet caused the cancellation of school and other activities in Eudora.
Eudora Township board clerk Lyle Weeks and board trustee Jim Harris handed their responsibilities over to their successors at the township board meeting. Weeks had served as clerk for eight years. Harris had served as trustee for 25 years.
Greg Neis was the first candidate to declare his intentions to run for the Eudora school board.
Randy Woodson was one of the first Eudora residents to purchase the new Elvis postage stamp. The Eudora man attended the King of Rock 'n' Roll's last concert in June 1977, two months before Presley died.

21 years ago
January 1980
A safe containing approximately $500 to $600 in cash was taken from Jim's Bar and Grill, 719 Main Street. Entry was apparently gained by knocking a hole in a window in the front door and reaching in and unlocking the door.
A van reported stolen from in front of a tavern in Merriam was recovered in shallow water in the Kansas River in Weaver Bottoms.
The van, owned by Dixie Lattin, Eudora, sustained only slight damage to the front end.
Hazel Bell was recuperating from a fractured limb.
Don Redman and his son, Timothy, Ft. Worth, Texas, spent the holidays with his mother, Isabell Redman.
Mattie Kindred, Henrietta Fuller, Tena Ziesenis, Lucie Abel, Marge Simons, Lucille Brown and Katie Rothberger were New Year's Day guests of Lydia McCabria.

63 years ago
January 1938
Charles Schuber, a cousin of Sarah Hausman and Mary Brecheisen, arrived from Straussburg, France, for a four-month visit with relatives at Clearfield and Eudora. He graduated from Straussburg High School where English was taught.
The Rothberger Motor Company sold four 1938 Chevrolet trucks, two pickups and two dump trucks to Douglas County.
The burning out of a flue at the home and Mr. and Mrs. Gus Bohnsack caused quite a little excitement, but the quick action of the city fire department saved the house from being damaged by the blazing flue.
Donald, Paul and Delbert, sons of Mr. and Mrs. Bert Seiwald were in quarantine because of chicken pox. They had been out of school for 10 days.
Alice Kohler fell as she was going down the cellar steps at her home and broke her right wrist.

85 years ago
January 1916
Matt Grosdidier shipped a barrel of apples to the sick confined in St. Margaret's Hospital in Kansas City, Kan., for a New Year's present.
Sam Kraus, helper at the Santa Fe station, went to Emporia to take an examination.
Mrs. John Bowen underwent an operation for hemorrhoids.
Levi Woodard was helping with the invoicing at the Pilla store.
The seniors at the high school were wearing their new gold class rings.

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