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Ron Conner to join Stewart in mayoral race

January 25, 2001

Mayor Fred Stewart will be competing against a new contender in the upcoming primary election for his seat.

Stewart will run against Ron Conner. Conner is a Eudora City Council veteran. He served three terms from 1987-99. Conner said he decided to run at the request of the public after a two-year absence from the council.

"I've had an overwhelming number of people ask me to run," he said. "It is an honor to run."

But public support is not the only reason Conner decided to run. He also hopes to bring a different style of leadership to the position.

"I just think we need more focused leadership in the mayor's spot and I'm hoping to bring a more business-like approach to the position and some management skills," he said.

Conner's management skills stem from his work with Bibb and Associates, an engineering and architectural consulting firm. He has worked at the company for 11 years and currently serves as manager of mechanical engineering for one of the company's three divisions.

Conner said he was involved in electrical, water and sewer upgrades in Eudora while serving on the council. He hopes to continue upgrading those systems and planning for Eudora's infrastructure.

"It's time to do things with streets and roads around Eudora," Conner said. "It's always been an interest of mine to manage Eudora."

Moving to Eudora in 1960 at age 5, Conner lived in Eudora until leaving in 1984. After obtaining a bachelor of science degree in architectural engineering from Kansas State University, he returned to Eudora. His mother and sister both live in Eudora. Conner and his wife, Charlene, have two children.

Conner has worked with Eudora Scouts for 12 years, spending seven years as Eudora Scoutmaster. He is also a Eudora Lion's Club member.

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