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Stein hopes to make some noise

July 12, 2001

Large crowds and fundamentally sound basketball teams have been the trademark of new Eudora High School boys basketball coach Scott Stein.

Stein experienced success and fan support at another 4A program, Abilene High School, from 1980-1995, his longest coaching stint.

"I like the size of this school because the entire town gets behind you when you are the only school in town," Stein said. "It makes it fun when you have great crowds. I like the enthusiasm at that (4A) level."

While he may be the new coach in town, Stein is no stranger to Cardinal veterans such as seniors Wes Hinman, Zac Tyler and Tommy Stein. Stein watched them play in the Ottawa summer league and coached them at the Heart of America Basketball Clinic in Salina last year.

Expectations will be high during the Stein era, but the new coach realizes there will be bumps on the road as the young players strive for improvement.

"I would say that I'm a very intense and enthusiastic coach," Stein said. "I would like to see the kids execute and perform at high expectations, yet at the same time I realize that they are young people and they will make mistakes. We want to attempt to eliminate those mistakes."

While Stein wants an annual trip to Salina in March for the 4A tournament to be a team goal, he said taming the competitive Frontier League would come first. Spring Hill should be the team to beat while traditional rivals Paola, Baldwin and Wellsville will also be difficult opponents for the Cardinals, Stein said.

"We have to take care of business and do the things we need to do in order to win the league," Stein said. "It is always my goal to go to Salina and once I get there, to play more than once."

For Stein, a successful basketball program begins in the levels before the high school.

Because former Eudora coach Chad Eshbaugh conducted camps for the younger basketball players in June, Stein will wait until next year to work directly with the youth basketball programs. However, he plans to work closely with the coaches at the middle school level so their players will be prepared in high school.

"I anticipate having camps in the future and I will work closely with the middle school people," Stein said.

At the varsity level, Stein said he would prepare the team for its schedule with intense practices but realizes the team needs to shoot well and play solid defense once the ball goes up.

"I expect to be fundamentally sound, but when the game starts, it's a matter of if the ball goes in the hole," Stein said. "The practices will be intense, goal-oriented and free of mistakes. Usually, if you do that, winning takes care of itself."

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