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Traffic count aids growth planning

July 12, 2001

The black hoses stretched across Eudora area roads aren't worth swerving for. In fact, the Kansas Department of Transportation wants Eudora drivers to squash the hoses, which give the department an idea of how often roads are used.

Douglas County has reached a point on a rotating schedule where the department takes counts on different road systems, KDOT traffic counting coordinator Terry Barnes said.

The nine counters are located on rural secondary roads, such as paved county roads, and streets that go through K-10 interchanges, Barnes said. Six counting hoses are in the city, and three of them are just outside the limits.

"The ultimate purpose is planning," Barnes said. "We make maps out of a lot of these counts. I get phone calls from cities and businesses all the time," he said.

The Douglas County counts will probably take about six weeks to get together. After that, KDOT can prepare the information for use, Barnes said.

Usually the information from KDOT counts goes to cities who can then make planning decisions based on the numbers.

Mayor Ron Conner said that although the city hadn't received a report since he'd been mayor, it's possible that at some point Eudora may use the numbers to see if there have been changes or increases anywhere.

"You use those numbers to see of you need to add signage," Conner said. "There's been talk of stoplights, but when you talk about stoplights, it starts getting a whole lot more expensive than it ought to be."

One of the counters is located near 14th and Church where the city has informally discussed the need for a stoplight.

Although the hoses are mainly on county roads, Conner said that sometimes the city and county can reach an agreement about improvements made.

"Unfortunately they're doing it when school's not in session," Conner said.

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