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Days Gone By

June 7, 2001

8 years ago
June 1993

Nottingham Elementary's sixth graders culminated three weeks of studying Mexico with a fiesta in the park. Two picnic tables were laden with tacos, enchiladas, sopapillas, and a variety of other Mexican dishes. Each class also made a candy-filled pi for the occasion.
Matt Staples, Eudora, was initiated into Phi Alpha Theta, an international history honors society at Kansas University.
Allen Bradley and Cherrie Ann Lawrence, both of Eudora, were chosen for the 1993 Douglas County 4-H Foundation Achning Memorial Scholarships. Bradley was also awarded the Douglas County Pork Producers 4-H Scholarship.
Eudora Boy Scout Troop No. 64 toured the Alex R. Masson greenhouse in Linwood. Assistant Scoutmaster Ron Bartekoske arranged the tour. Those participating in the tour were Jason Coppedge, Darrin Bretthauer, Scoutmaster Ron Conner, Mark Watson, Ron Bartekoske, Robin Bartekoske, Scott Baethke, Richard Neis, Matt Conner, Kurtis McCormick, Robert Williams, Eric Long, Rachael Bartekoske, Floyd Watson and Donna Watson.

21 years ago
June 1980

Two tornadoes frantically whisked through the countryside near Eudora, destroying crops, property and trees in their paths, but leaving no one seriously injured and no homes destroyed.
The first tornado was spotted northwest of Eudora as a line of severe weather that originated northwest of Topeka progressed across northeastern Kansas. A Eudora law enforcement officer, as well as the National Weather Service in Topeka, confirmed that tornado.
Farmland north of Eudora and especially along the Kansas River in the Weaver Bottoms area took the brunt of the storm's beating.
A resident of the area sighted another tornado between Baldwin and Eudora the next day.
A Eudora landmark, the old Bismark Hotel, was razed. It was gutted by fire in September 1979 and had been vacant since.
In accordance with a city ordinance providing for the repair or removal of unsafe or dangerous structures, the building had to be rebuilt, boarded up or torn down.
The owner, Francis Estrada, who lived in Spain, chose the latter.
The hotel was located at 6 West Sixth Street, just south of the Santa Fe Railroad tracks.
The Clearfield United Methodist Church celebrated its 100th anniversary at its present building.

63 years ago
June 1938

A hard rain flattened some of the wheat and oats in the Hesper neighborhood. The rain came in sheets and the wind tore the awning from the front of the building formerly owned by H.T. Melton.
Harold Lee Daugherty had his tonsils removed at Memorial Hospital. Nadine Bradley, a sister of Mrs. Jess Milburn, also had her tonsils removed at the same hospital.
The Woodard Motor Company garage and most of the equipment was bought by Everett Elsmore of Lewis, and Otto Mignot, who had been a mechanic for Mr. Woodard for the past seven years. The new name of the company was Elsmore-Mignot Motor Company.

85 years ago
June 1916

Prof. Edwin Abels, who was principal of Elmdale High School, returned to town for the summer.
William Trefz Sr., who recently finished a storeroom on Main Street, opened a novelty store. The stock of goods consisted of 5 cent, 10 cent, 15 cent, 25 cent and 40 cent articles.
James Heffner, who had returned from Pennsylvania, planned to reopen the Hotel Bismark.
Corabell Williamson gave a party to her school girlfriends in honor of Della Mills and Mildred Watson, who were visiting relatives at Hesper.

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