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Relay for Life more than just laps around track

June 7, 2001

Hundreds of miles will be logged at the Eudora High School track Friday night and Saturday morning as residents, seemingly going nowhere, walk laps around the football field, seemingly going nowhere.

In fact, they will be accomplishing a lot.

The Eudora Relay for Life raises thousands of dollars for cancer research, and each lap walked represents a commitment to finding a cure for the disease that affects so many.

A schedule of events and a rundown of the night's activities can be found on page one of this week's newspaper.

We hope every Eudora resident will show up for the event and donate whatever money they can for the cause.

This year's Relay for Life will be extra special in Eudora as one of its favorite children, Brooke O'Grady struggles to hold on to life throughout the weekend.

Friends and family members of Brooke say she set two goals for herself as the Hodgkins disease began its final attack on her body. Brooke wanted to live long enough to see her brother graduate high school. She accomplished that goal last Sunday. Now Brooke fights to make it to her second goal: to hold on through Relay for Life. Our prayers are with her.

Given Brooke's bravery and her family's endurance throughout her illness, it seems a few dollars and a few laps around the track is the least we can give.

Spend a little time this weekend to help make this year's relay the best ever and as you watch the teams make their way around the track, remember why you're there.

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