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Seventh-graders contribute to leadership food drive

June 7, 2001

Seventh-graders at Eudora Middle School showed eighth-graders that they could contribute more canned goods during a school food drive May 7-11.

Students donated a total of 182 canned goods during the drive, which eight seventh-graders organized. Proceeds from the event went to St. Paul United Church of Christ, 314 Eighth Street.

At the beginning of the semester, EMS teachers chose eight seventh-grade students with leadership potential to take part in a service project of their choice. Guidance counselor Deb Murray assisted the students with the direction of the project, including the project schedule, answering their questions and a brainstorming session for ways to make the project successful.

"The food drive gave the students the opportunity to be in charge of a good project," Murray said. "They worked well together and it was really wonderful to see that."

The students planned a food drive with a competitive edge. Seventh- and eighth-grade students competed to win popcorn at lunch. The seventh-graders earned the prize.

Principal Dale Sample said the food drive taught the seventh-grade students about civic responsibility, compassion and other people's needs.

"I thought it was a great leadership group because the students developed the proposal, brought it to me and did the food drive," Sample said. "It was a great thing for the kids to do."

Mary McCleery, one of the eight project leaders, said she learned a lot about hard work and community service during the food drive.

"I learned that if you work hard at something you can sometimes help someone else," McCleery said.

Fellow project leader Danielle Gregg said the team aspect of the project contributed to the group's success.

"Working with a team is easier than working individually," Gregg said. "When you work as a team, you can achieve more."

Murray had a pizza party for at the end of the year. She said next year's seventh graders will also work on a community service project.

"Each year the leadership program will be based on what the students decide on doing," Murray said.

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