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Time for Eudora residents to Rally ‘Round the Flag

June 14, 2001

Eudora residents, get out your flags.

If Eudora residents Clint and Joy Clouse and Rex Burkhardt have their way, Eudora will be a sight to behold this Fourth of July.

The trio are organizing a "Rally 'Round the Flag" drive to get every Eudora home to display an American flag on the most patriotic holiday.

Their goal is to see a flag in front of every home in Eudora for not only the Fourth of July but also for other national holidays such as Flag Day, Memorial Day and Veterans' Day.

What a great idea.

As was evident at last weekend's Relay for Life, nothing brings a community together like a common cause. One based on such a wholesome concept as the American flag is a sure hit.

We urge all Eudora residents to bring Old Glory out of the closet this Flag Day and Fourth of July.

If you don't have one, various sizes of the flag are available at Arrowhead Hardware on Main Street. No need to spend a lot of money on the project. If a small one is all you can afford, buy a small one. Buy one for your neighbor. Come on Eudora, let's paint this town red, white and blue.

Joy Clouse said her dream was for Eudora to become a city known nationwide for its patriotism. She, her husband and Burkhardt began their effort a few weeks ago and hoped to have a good showing for Flag Day. By the time the Fourth of July rolls around, they hope to attain that dream. With a little help from their friends and neighbors, they will.

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