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Eudora schools headed in the right direction

June 28, 2001

Things are moving quickly in the Eudora School District.

Within the past month, the district has hired a new superintendent, a new high school principal and has begun a search for new middle school and elementary school principals.

Coming off the less-than-harmonic relationship with Superintendent Dave Winans, it was crucial that the Eudora Board of Education choose the next superintendent carefully. Board members showed sound judgement when they decided to go with Eudora High School Principal Marty Kobza. Kobza has represented the district well as high school principal and has taken all of the necessary steps to prepare himself for the opportunity he now faces.

With a bond issue looming on the horizon, it is crucial that Kobza make sound decisions as well.

It looks like he's off to a good start.

One of his first official acts was to move Eudora Middle School Principal Dale Sample to the high school, to fill the position Kobza vacated to become superintendent.

Sample has many years of education experience and has been with the Eudora School District since 1998. He's done a terrific job of turning an aging building with a lot of maintenance problems into a rich learning environment.

As EHS principal, Sample will be among the leaders when it comes to selling a bond issue to the public. Who better to let the public know how badly the district needs our money than the man who has worked for the past four years in its most antiquated building?

It's been a rough couple years for the district, but there seems to be a renewed sense of hope in the air. As so many districts launch nationwide superintendent searches, looking for the right man or woman for the job, it's nice to know some problems can be solved from within.

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