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School board expands bond options

March 15, 2001

The Eudora School Board is considering two additional options in planning the future of the Eudora School District.

The board heard another presentation from the Overland Park architectural firm, DLR Group. The idea for the new proposals came after hearing suggestions from the community and school site councils through previous board meetings.

Superintendent Dave Winans said the three additional options did not rule out any other possibilities the board is considering. He said variations of the options are also possibile. DLR presented the board with three other options in January.

DLR head architect Jim French presented the two options to the board.

The first option proposed building a new 500-student high school, at an estimated cost of $17,026,453. At the same time, $3,370,500 would be spent for an addition at Eudora High to transfer students from Eudora Middle School to the building. The addition would add 21,000 square feet for a resource room, technology lab, teachers' planning center and other facilities. The phase one addition would take place from 2001-2003. An additional 300-student elementary school would be built in 2009-2010 at the cost of $6 million and a middle school addition (existing high school) would increase the capacity to 450 students from its current 350-student capacity.

A second phase of option one would add 100 students to the new high school in 2012-2013 at a cost of $7,701,706.

A second option called for building a new 450-student middle school to contain sixth through eighth graders. The school would be built by 2003 and at a cost of $9,774,290. In the same timeframe, a high school addition would expand Eudora High to 600 students with a price tag of $5,471,115. Additional building would take place around 2009-2010 for a 300-student elementary school, which would house kindergarten through fifth-grade students. The cost would be $6 million.

Other possibilities include not building a new high school at this time, but making renovations to Eudora Middle School, French said. DLR told the board in December it could cost up to $7 million for a remodel of the school.

Winans said the review process for the options was proceeding as planned. He said the board hopes to decide on a plan and be ready to put it before Eudora voters this fall.

"We have in mind it would be a late October, early November election date," he said. "We're on target. We need to hear from the community."

To sell the issue, volunteers will have to form a committee to take the issue to the street. A responsibility of the board, the volunteer committee search will begin in April. The committee will only be able to give factual information, but will not be able to run persuasive advertising on the issue.

Steve Shogren, district financial advisor with Ranson & Associates, Topeka, said the district could potentially have $16 million to work with. For a $100,000 home, this would be $149 a year in additional taxes, or roughly $12.42 per month.

The next board meeting is March 29.

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