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Students medal with rock-solid smarts

March 15, 2001

Two Eudora High students are discovering knowledge can be rewarding, especially when they're least expecting it.

EHS sophomore Bart Carroll and junior James Snow earned medals at the regional Science Olympiad at Johnson County Community College on Feb. 24. The competitors were tested on their knowledge of specific areas of study. The two went prepared to compete in the category of rocketry, but the event was canceled. They took a chance on amphibians and though they had prepared some, they walked away empty-handed.

The pair then entered the rocks and minerals competition. Though admittedly unprepared, each walked away with a second place medal.

"We just kind of walked in," Snow said.

In the competition, the two were required to examine a group of rocks and minerals and give their names and classifications.

"The ones we didn't know were igneous rocks," Snow said. "There's one little spot in Kansas that has them and that's it."

Dom DeRosa, EHS chemistry teacher and Science Olympiad sponsor, said the event was a challenge to the students and a real test of their knowledge.

"Everyone goes into it thinking it's easy," he said. "They find out it's not as easy as they thought it was."

Carroll said he thought the two did well, considering the competition. Other students from EHS were scheduled to go, but those plans fell through.

"There were only two of us and there were 15 at other schools," Carroll said.

DeRosa said this was the first year EHS has participated in Science Olympiad. He said the school became involved after students voiced their desire to compete.

"These guys approached me," the teacher said. "You have to give them credit because they did it. They did all the work."

DeRosa said he was confident the experience will aid Carroll and Snow in future competitions and pave the way for victories in other areas of study.

"This was a learning experience and things they learn will help them next year," he said.

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