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Wastewater plant begins trial septic plan

March 15, 2001

A trial plan for dumping septic waste at Eudora's wastewater plant will come with a charge for haulers.

The Eudora City Council agreed to charge $54.96 per 1,000-gallon load on Monday. The charge, which is equal to that of Lawrence's wastewater treatment plant, will be applied during a trial period of accepting septic waste into the city's plant.

Council member Tom Pyle said he has received calls from residents who were upset the city was accepting the waste. Council member Rex Burkhardt said he was also concerned about accepting the waste, but is willing to see the plan through.

"This is a compromise deal for the county as well as the city of Eudora," Burkhardt said, "I just want to make sure we're not going to take more than our share of the load. I don't want to overload the plant."

The council authorized accepting the waste at its Feb. 26 meeting. Since approving the trial plan, city superintendent Bill Harlow allowed Darrell Higgins, owner of Higgins Septic Tank Service, to dump the first three loads. However, Harlow said he was unsure of when the trial dumping would commence, which is why he accepted the three loads. His understanding was the plant could begin accepting the waste. But Pyle said the council had not yet set a date.

Harlow apologized for the misunderstanding, but said the initial loads appeared to go through the plant well.

"Everything has worked out as far as the testing of the wastewater end of things," Harlow said. "Luckily, everything's worked out."

The wastewater treatment plant will continue to accept one load ever two alternating days and progress where more could be added per week. If the plan works, the county will look into the options of using treatment plants in Baldwin and Lawrence as well. Each plant would only take in waste from the city's surrounding area.

Currently, the cost is $45.80 per 1,000-gallon load. On Sept. 1, the cost will rise to $91.60 per load and on Sept. 1, 2002, the cost will increase to $137.41.

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