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City council wise to charge county for septic waste


March 22, 2001

Eudora City council members were wise to decide last week to charge the county for the right to dump septic waste in Eudora.

Council member Tom Pyle said during Monday's city council meeting that he had received several telephone calls from Eudora residents upset at the city's plan to become the county dumping ground. According to Pyle, the residents wanted to know why the city wasn't charging the county.

Good question.

Too bad it had to first be raised by concerned residents.

County Administrator Craig Weinaug assured council members that he never intended for the county "to get a free ride."

That may be true, but the issue of dumping fees should have been discussed before the city council ever considered an arrangement with the county.

We understand the concept of being a team player and commend the city council for its willingness to help the county with its septic storage problem. However, the Eudora Council members should never forget that their first concern should always be Eudora and its residents.

We still believe the city could find a better way to earn a couple of extra bucks, but if we're going to do it, at least there will be some profit involved.

Perhaps the city should take the money it collects at the sewage plant and apply it to the Eudora Chamber of Commerce's downtown beautification program.

There's something appealing about changing sewage into flowers and building facades.

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