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HP Pelzer moves into building

March 22, 2001

Should everything go as planned with the moving of equipment to the R.R. Donnelley building, HP Pelzer, Inc. should be up and running in Eudora by mid summer.

HP Pelzer manufactures insulation, trim and carpet for automobile manufacturers such as General Motors, BMW, Volkswagen and Daimler-Chrysler. John Stubblefield, HP Pelzer plant industrial engineer, said the Eudora plant has a contract with two Chrysler plants, one in St. Louis, Mo.and another in Warren, Mich. He said the company hopes to begin its operation soon. The company's first production will be for the new Dodge Ram.

"This plant, we're going to be making automotive carpet," Stubblefield said. "We will begin shipping to Chrysler by mid-July."

Currently, the company is in the beginning stages setting up production.

HP Pelzer purchased the R.R. Donnelley building, formerly Communicolor, in late September of last year.. After coming to the plant in October, Stubblefield said, the company made contact with contractors and have added larger dock doors, electrical wiring and cool water pipes.

Stubblefield said some employees from a HP Pelzer plant in Thomson, Ga., will help get things started and train workers. Stubblefield said the company is working out details on how many employees will be needed. He said the company has not begun taking applications yet.

"It depends on a lot of different factors as to what the final count will be," Stubblefield said.

However, at least two of those employees will find themselves in familiar territory when they start work.

"We've already hired two former Communicolor employees," Stubblefield said. "They're going to be the core of our maintenance department."

Despite the usual complications of moving a company, Stubblefield said his experience in dealing with the people of Eudora has been a good one.

"The exposure we've had to various contractors in the city, it's been a very pleasant experience so far," he said. "With them and some of the local merchants, it's been a very pleasant experience."

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