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Trash service provider fighting against service theft

March 22, 2001

A trash service provider is waging war against those who steal its service in Eudora.

Lloyd Weldon, owner of Weldon Enterprises Inc., is working to stop those who illegally dump trash in containers of other customers. His company holds the contract for trash pick-up in Eudora.

Weldon said it is not uncommon from residents outside the city limits to dump trash in local containers, getting their trash picked up without paying for it.

"They're brining it in from out of town, from the country, and illegally dumping it," he said.

To combat the offense, Weldon's employees have received authorization from the Eudora Police Department to search trash for names that don't match those of the customers. Weldon said he either gives the names to Eudora Police or calls the suspected perpetrator himself.

"The way to catch people is to go through the trash and find out," he said. "We're looking for names and addresses."

Eudora Police Cpl. Greg Neis said when most instances are reported and a violator is warned, the matter is usually resolved.

"We warn them the first and then they quit," Neis said.

City prosecutor Gayle Larkin said if someone was convicted of using illegally, the misdemeanor charge could be punishable up to one year in the county jail and a fine of $2,500. So far, she said, the need to prosecute that type of case hasn't happened.

"I haven't had that kind of case presented to me," Larkin said.

As a business owner, Stan Byrne has seen people illegally dumping trash in Eudora. The owner of Byrne's Pharmacy, said it creates problems for him when others use his dumpster.

"The only thing that aggravates me is that it doesn't leave any room for mine," he said. "I think everybody thinks it's public."

Byrne said the problem has been around for years. However, he thinks the recent crackdown by local authorities is making a difference.

"Here recently, it's slowed down," he said. "In the last month or so, it's been fairly good, so I hope it's improving."

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