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Thanks to thos who serve Eudora


March 29, 2001

Tuesday's general election will bring to an end several weeks of hard work by all involved.

Regardless of the outcome, we would like to thank all of those who took a part in the political process. A special debt of gratitude should be paid to those who placed their names on the ballot.

Small town democracy is dependent upon citizen participation. Eudora is fortunate to have so many residents willing to serve.

Few people realize the hours involved in serving on the city council, the school board or as mayor. The meetings are just the beginning. Office holders put in countless hours each week working on behalf of the city or school district. They must stay current on everything from growth trends to zoning regulations. Most have outside careers and families to maintain as well. They are public servants in every sense of the term.

A benefit of serving in a small town is that you work on behalf of friends and family members. The downside, however, is that you are often judged and criticized by those same people.

Those who serve Eudora are frequently second-guessed and judged by their neighbors. Granted, that is part of the job. We, ourselves, have been known to question and even criticize some decisions made by Eudora's public officials. We believe it is our responsibility, as your local newspaper, to keep the ideas flowing.

Those questions and criticisms, however, should never be mistaken for a lack of respect or gratitude of those who have taken on the challenge of public office.

Whatever the outcome of Tuesday's election, we hope Eudora residents will show their support for the victors and extend their thanks to all.

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