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Council should make decision, get on with it


May 3, 2001

The Eudora City Council recently identified a problem on Eudora's streets.

People parking along both sides of the streets often leave little room for cars and rescue vehicles to pass.

Identifying the problem was easy. Apparently, finding a solution was the hard part.

The council decided last week to form a committee to study the issue further before deciding on which streets, if any, to restrict parking.

Does that seem like overkill to anyone else?

What does it really take to identify the town's problem areas? It seems a few quick drives through town at selected times during the day could do the trick.

Forming a committee to decide what to do next accomplishes nothing but to delay the fix.

It's great that the council is open to seeking input from the public. Committees do have their place in city government. But to study the side-of-the-street parking?

The council is elected to carry out the daily business of the city. Its members have agreed to make decisions on behalf of Eudora's residents. Many of the decisions they make will shape the town and determine its future. On those decisions, we agree, they should get as much information from the public as possible. They should handle the smaller issues themselves.

Why not put the issue on the city council agenda, invite the public to offer input and make a decision?

Too many committees can slow the political process and cause participant burnout. Let's save them for the big issues.

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