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Commissioners deny duplex development

May 10, 2001

Mary Ann Stewart hopes to build some type of residential dwelling in Eudora, but action taken by the Eudora Planning and Zoning Commission may restrict her options.

At the commission's monthly meeting last Wednesday, Stewart requested a change in zoning from single-family residential to multi-family residential for 19 lots. An engineering firm hired by Stewart, Lawrence-based Peridian Group, submitted the plan to the commission with the intent of building duplexes instead of single-family homes. The three-and-a-half acres of land are north of 8th street, north of where the new Pinecrest III addition is to be built.

The commission voted against recommending the change in zoning to the Eudora City Council by a 3-2 vote. Commission members Ken Adkinson and Glenn Bartlett voted against the opposed motion, Rose House was not present.

Commissioners denied the zoning change request only after holding a public hearing on the issue.

Peridian engineer Branden Boyd proposed the 19 single-family lots change to 10 duplexes.

"We'd like to put in affordable housing and this is a great place and a great time to do this," he said. "I think this would be the smartest use for that area."

But several residents living in the area said they opposed the duplex development because of the possibility of increased traffic in the area. Chuck Wingebach, 805 Pine Street, agreed the development could cause too much traffic.

"I'm going to have 40 vehicles going in and out of the area and that's not including Pinecrest," he said.

Walter Sisson, 821 Pine Street, said he also opposed the development because of the traffic and the possible danger it would pose to children in the area.

"I've got a four-year-old and we play on the street," Sisson said. "The change in traffic would dramatically change the tone of the street. I don't see any positives from the duplexes. I see only negatives."

Rose Sieber said many residents she talked to were also against the development. She presented the commission with a collection of 42 signatures of residents opposed to the zoning change.

The council could go against the commission's recommendation and approve the duplex zoning, although it's unlikely by past votes. Stewart said even if her request was denied at the council level, she planned on putting some form of housing development on the property.

"If they say no, we'll probably just build small houses down there," Stewart said. "With 8th Street going in, it raises the value of the area. I'll have to do something with it."

The commission's recommendation is expected to go before the council at its May 14 meeting.

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