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Taking on the township

May 10, 2001

Debbie Peterson said she's hit a roadblock in dealing with the Eudora Township and she's fed up.

"I'm very frustrated," Peterson said.

On Feb. 23, Peterson said she was traveling north on 2100 road, also known as Winchester Road, in her 1966 Ford pickup truck. As she came over a small hill, she hit a two-foot pile of gravel that stretched the width of the roadway. Though she tried to stop in time and avoid the gravel pile, Peterson said the impact was imminent.

"There was no way to avoid it," she said. "I hit it, ramped my truck, flew in the air and lost control."

On Monday, Eudora Township Trustee Eugene Westerhouse said the details were still being worked out on who would pay for the damage. Farm Bureau of Lawrence handles the insurance for the township.

"I turned it over to the insurance company," Westerhouse said. "I think they're going settle it someday. The two insurance companies have been talking, I know that. I called the insurance company this morning and they said 'don't worry about it.'"

To Peterson, it's the same story she's heard for months. At first, her truck appeared to be running fine. A few days after the wreck, Peterson noticed problems with her truck. A week later, she went shopping only to return home because her truck was running poorly.

Peterson said she then contacted the township about her automotive problems and the wreck. She was told the gravel was from an independent contractor traveling on the road. Peterson said after hours of legwork and phone calls, she finally got the name of an insurance adjuster to contact regarding the matter.

Despite her work and persistence, Peterson has yet to see an end to the matter. Now, she waits on two insurance companies to get around to settling her claim. Though she could go out and purchase a new truck, Peterson said, that isn't the issue.

"This is principal now," she said. "This makes me so angry. They don't have the right to push me around and treat me they way they have."

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