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The Eudora News at your doorstep

May 31, 2001

Next Thursday morning you're going to have a guest waiting for you at your home. It's not going to be Aunt Millie visiting from Mount Pilot, although her wonderful coffee cake is always a welcome guest. And it won't be the IRS finally catching up to your creative deductions of your 26 children (this doesn't apply to the Fulks family).

What will be waiting for you is The Eudora News. Instead of being mailed, the News will be home delivered to in-town subscribers. We have decided our readers would benefit by having the paper first thing in the morning, especially since that's when most papers are delivered anyway. Now you can enjoy it over your morning coffee the way a paper should be read, save for the sports page, which is savored over the morning constitution.

If you live within city limits, the News will be on your driveway (if we can get it worked out, on your porch) every Thursday by 8 a.m., guaranteed. Ad deadlines will not change. We believe starting the day with the paper to be a sacred tradition. A couple years ago, Roger Ebert wrote a column about his favorite place in America. His was his favorite recliner with a cup of coffee and his morning paper. Just thinking about it makes the day go a little smoother.

We applaud the work done by Eudora's postal carriers. Some people will still get the paper by mail delivery. In fact, most folks in town have been getting their paper by Thursday afternoon, but some didn't get it until Friday or Saturday. We just had no control over when the paper would get delivered. This way, you'll know the News will be waiting for you. For the folks living out of town, nothing will change.

This change will be especially beneficial for those planning weekend outings and trying to schedule work around Cardinal sporting events. Come football Fridays, you'll have had a little more time to read about the prior week's game and get a little information on that week's opponent. Ultimately, going to home delivery is about service to our readers, and we are sure you're going to enjoy getting your paper a little earlier, with guaranteed delivery on Thursday.

In other News news, we've hired a new staff member. Erinn Barcomb will be joining the team as a reporter. She's a 2001 KU grad with a lot of promise and we're excited to have her on board. Her first day will be Monday, June 4. She's going to cover the city beat, school board and write features on interesting Eudorans. Eric Gruber is moving to De Soto to be office manager and will still help out on Wednesday production days.

And speaking of office managers, I'd like to give Theresa Abel a very public pat on the back. She's been doing double duty for us since our De Soto office manager left. If you've seen Theresa at any of her sons' Matthew or Mark's many games or at her daughter Katelyn's piano recitals, she's probably told you how hard she's been working. Then again, knowing Theresa, she probably hasn't complained once. And for what she's done for our operation, she deserves a huge thanks. So TA: thanks. We appreciate all your hard work. And I promise I won't ask you to do my job while I'm on paternity leave. Well, I won't ask you to do it for two months at least.

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