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Books ready for adoption

November 1, 2001

With about 16 books down and an endless number left to go, the Adopt-a-Book program at Nottingham and Eudora West elementary schools is up and running.

Librarian Chris Stein first announced the program this summer when she sought permission from the Eudora Board of Education to adopt the program she'd seen done in other districts.

As of last week, Stein estimated about eight books had been adopted at each school. She said she didn't have any expectations as to the number of books after about a three weeks.

"I think every district does it a little differently," she said.

The program works by patrons "adopting" a book Stein chooses for the libraries.

"I select books that had outstanding reviews and books I knew would be popular with the kids," she said.

The donors pay $20 to the program to cover the cost of the book, leaving leftover money going toward the program.

"We just continue," Stein said. "As a book is adopted, that money is used to purchase more books."

Businesses adopting books can display certificates recognizing their participation. Nameplates with the donors' names are placed in the books, revealing different reasons for the adoption.

"Some people are doing it for a birthday, some are doing them as memorial books," Stein said.

Those interested in adopting a book can stop by either of the schools' libraries from 8 a.m. to 3 p.m. Monday through Friday. Checks should be made out to Nottingham Elementary School, and donors should indicate whether they have a preference as to which school receives the donation.

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