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Lending a hand has great impact

United Way helps Eudora, benefits locals

November 1, 2001

If you give to the United Way in the coming weeks, you will be helping your friends, neighbors, family and possibly yourself in times of grief, job loss or crisis. You will help provide needed childcare or other child development programs.

Statistics for Eudora show the need is real. Last year in the community:

187 residents used the services of the Ballard Center

120 residents were involved in the Boy Scouts

52 residents were involved in the Girl Scouts

159 residents were involved with the Pelathe Community Resource Center

98 residents used the services of the Salvation Army

99 residents used the services of the Visiting Nurses

15 residents used the services of Hospice Care

As you can see, many in the Eudora community benefit from the generosity of people like you. That's why it is so important to make a donation to the United Way. Your gift would be combined with others in your community to help keep a child in a day care environment.

Your gift would also help support the "phone a friend" program through Headquarters. This program is a resource for children who come home to an empty house after school and need someone to talk to. It also helps children who are frightened by the events that have taken place in our nation recently, or a child who just needs to hear a reassuring voice of an adult. The volunteers that answer the "phone a friend" calls have even helped with homework.

Your gift will help provide specialized care and support for persons with a terminal illness and for their families. Your gift will help feed a family in the event that the breadwinner has been laid off and needs assistance for a temporary period until the breadwinner locates another job.

With the tragic events that took place on Sept. 11, the trickle down effect has started to take place and has left friends, neighbors and families without jobs because of layoffs and cutbacks. Now, more than ever, the United Way needs your support to help keep its agencies strong and ready to help at all times.

Please help us to continue our efforts by giving generously to this year's United Way campaign.

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