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Eagle scout project tackles light poles’ poster problems

November 8, 2001

Soon the city's light poles won't have their patina of flaky paper and nails from numerous announcements and advertisements. That's OK with the Eudora City Council.

The idea for community bulletin boards came from James Snow, who approached the council Oct. 22 about undertaking the effort as his Eagle Scout project.

"When James first suggested it to me, I thought it would be a good idea," said Mayor Ron Conner.

Snow said he'd thought about such a project back in Cub Scouts, and he and his dad thought it seemed like a good idea. Drivers who slow down or stop to read signs posted on light poles can pose a traffic problem, he said.

The project fits in with the ideals of an Eagle Scout project not only because it solves a problem in the community, but also because Snow will fill one requirement, since younger scouts can help him on the project.

The community can use the four-by-four-foot boards for semi-permanent messages like garage sale advertisements and missing pets.

"It will be made out of pressure-treated lumber, plywood and large screws," he said.

The boards would be secured in concrete as well.

"It's built to last a long time," Snow said of the contraption he designed.

He told the council he would try to work out the cost of the bulletin boards with the Boy Scouts organization. Snow said if that didn't work he'd field the cost himself. He would also take responsibility for maintaining the structures until he leaves for college. After that, Snow asked the city to take over.

After Snow presented his idea to the city council, it approved installing the bulletin boards. He then asked City Superintendent Bill Harlow to work with him on digging the holes needed to install the boards in the next several weeks.

Council member Rex Burkhardt praised Snow's initiative.

"It's great when young people in Eudora can take an interest in what they see as a problem in the community," he said.

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