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Halloween vandalism dead-ends Eudora ‘cemetery’ display

November 8, 2001

Ever since his son was 8 years old, Lewie Place has been putting up a Halloween display.

But this year the fun was cut short when at about 1 a.m. Nov. 1 someone vandalized the display, taking a dummy, some decoration tombstones and two skeletons. Place discovered the damage when taking his son to school in the morning.

"That's the first thing he saw was all our stuff torn up and stolen," Place said.

The vandals left some of the tombstones they couldn't get out of the ground and a sign they kicked down.

"I don't know why that had to happen," Place said. "I've never had a problem here on Halloween except for that."

The display included seven tombstones, a Cryptkeeper dummy, a skeleton and an 8-foot long spider.

"It was pretty neat," Place said. "It's just a shame."

On Halloween, Place and his son, now 12, dressed up like zombies and brought in a fog machine.

"That's the first year we had trick-or-treaters," he said. "They got a kick out of it."

Previously Place set up the display in the back yard of his duplex, but this year he borrowed a neighbor's front yard.

Although Place didn't want to disclose how much the items he lost were worth, fearing those responsible would be less likely to come forward, he said one item alone cost $50.

He said he hoped letting people know what was missing might alert people to look for newly arrived Halloween decorations.

"I really think that it's somewhere here in Eudora," Place said.

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