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Involvement earns cheers from the press box

November 8, 2001

There's an old axiom in the press about never cheering in the press box. Sports reporters are supposed to keep their loyalties restrained behind a wall of professional detachment.

Objectively, we feel losing teams deserve as much coverage as winning ones. A team that doesn't win a game may be as dedicated and hardworking as an undefeated squad.

Still, it's obvious winning teams excel because of hard work, team effort and mental focus. Those are all qualities and traits worth celebrating.

We joined the Eudora community in supporting the winning football team that advanced to the state playoffs for the second straight year. We lamented after the team dropped a heartbreaking decision of the kind that keeps coaches awake for weeks.

While there will always be a core of parents and fans who support teams no matter what the record, winning teams give communities a place to focus their pride. Properly channeled that can be a catalyst to other positive accomplishments in the school district and the community.

It may be only a coincidence that the Eudora school district's $16 million bond issue passed with so much overwhelming support Tuesday. But its supporters were clever enough to take advantage of the visibility the football team afforded to increase awareness with voters.

The bond issue's success should temper some of the disappointment of the football team's loss. The improvements it will bring to the community will still be with us long in the future when we will remember the 2001 football season as an unqualified success.

As for the more immediate future, if Eudora's success in athletics creates greater interest in its schools and causes parents to become more active in their children's education, that is something we will cheer about.

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