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City council to hear report of pool study

November 8, 2001

Depending on what the Eudora City Council decides Nov. 13, the city may be a step closer to a new swimming pool.

Recreation director Dianna Beebe will present reports from two companies about the condition of the existing pool near Luci Kaegi Park.

Both companies deal specifically with pools and water. For instance, Larking, which will have representatives at the next city council meeting, worked on the aquatic center at Free State High School in Lawrence. CAS of Topeka worked on the Eudora sewer treatment plant.

"This is the time that we're coming to the stages where the pool has numerous problems," Beebe said. "What you do is try to evaluate these problems. Are they costing you more money?"

The companies looked at various aspects of the pool, she said, such as the structure, mechanics and size versus the population.

"Do we believe the pool will last a couple years?" Beebe asked. "At least one more? I think the consensus is yes."

Pools should also be evaluated by looking at whether they have major leaks, if a large amount of water is lost on a daily basis and how well the filtering system works.

"A pool will last a certain period of time, and then your problems start increasing," Beebe said, estimating 20 years as the approximate timespan.

The city and U.S.D. 491 are in the process of resigning a lease agreement for the pool and tennis facilities for another 20 years since the first 20 year lease will run out soon.

Beebe said the city's budget had money set aside for the survey and initial drawings for a pool. If the council decides to look into a new pool, it will have to consider a new location.

The next city council meeting is at 7:30 p.m. Tuesday, Nov. 13 at Eudora City Hall because of Veteran's Day on Monday.

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