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Bond was a community project

November 15, 2001

Last week, the voters of USD 491 chose to answer the call of the children in our district and passed the school bond. It's now time to sit back and ponder the ramifications of that choice.

First and foremost, crowding conditions will be eliminated throughout the district. Children will benefit from smaller class sizes. Electives that have been impossible in the past will now be feasible. In two years, students will attend classes in updated facilities, which will only enhance their academic efforts. And the community will have a sense of pride in the new high school, which will meet the challenges of decades to come with a new building, which was built with an innovative style conducive to learning.

Eudorans can be very proud of their educational facilities as they, combined with the efforts of good teachers and caring parents, will be able to provide the children with the quality education we all want for them.

This bond issue was a complex issue in that it was not just about a new building. Other approaches to the problems in our district were studied and discarded because they did not address enough of the challenges for a reasonable amount of money.

Because of this complexity, the job of informing the community of all the nuances of this plan was the goal of both the district and the committee formed to do just that, "It's a K-12 Solution!"

On behalf of my children, all of the other children in our district and children of the future, I would like to thank several people involved with this effort.

Among the committee members who worked tirelessly and often at the expense of their families were Karen Sanders, Marion Johnson, Rob Claggett, Dr. Leo Lauber, Donna Masoner, Janet Campbell, Francine Bowling, Janet Stewart, Shari Turnbaugh, Dee Seiwald, Lori Fritzel, Johnny Stewart, Bettie Vermillion, Debbie Becker, Margaret, Norbert Grosdidier and countless others.

As you know, there were dozens of people making phone calls to help inform voters of the issue. The effort was a combined effort of many people and each of them met and completed their specific jobs with selfless professionalism.

The Eudora News also did an outstanding job at getting the information out to the public.

Voters had a chance to review the material weeks before the election because of the excellent coverage provided by our local newspaper.

As in any effort of this kind, the financial contributors provided the necessary funds to pay for all the expenses incurred by "It's a K-12 Solution!". The committee, along with the proponents of this issue, sincerely thanks them all. Eudora will benefit from their generosity for generations to come.

Lastly, I would like to recognize Superintendent Marty Kobza and the district office staff. Their patience and assistance with our unending questions, was nothing short of outstanding. We are fortunate in Eudora. We have caring, knowledgeable and very professional people educating our children.

Thank you, votersfor recognizing that and passing this bond.

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