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Budding chefs get cooking at culinary competition

November 29, 2001

When Jenny Tyree cooks this weekend, she'll have more to worry about than just how the food tastes.

The Eudora High School senior will have to think about curling her fingers under as she cuts, minces, dices and julienne's vegetables, making sure all the pieces are the same size.

Tyree and Jesse Murphy, junior, are part of a program at the Mill Creek Center in Olathe that offers cooking classes and the chance to compete at Johnson County Community College Saturday. The winners will have the chance to go to a national competition.

"They all are going to watch us for cleanliness, serving and making sure we're doing stuff we're supposed to be doing," Tyree said.

As for any other competition, the two students had to have plenty of practice. Tyree said the students made their meal twice in a row in front of teachers and principals Nov. 16. Of course, that means getting to eat it, too.

"We just got out of practicing, and it's tasting really, really good right now," Murphy said. "That's what makes it worth it."

The students work in teams of four to put together a full-course meal, including a dessert made from scratch.

"We're all putting our piece in the jigsaw puzzle," Murphy said.

This will be the first such competition for Tyree and Murphy, who plan to take their cooking skills out of the classroom.

After graduation, Tyree will attend school in Florida to study hotel management.

"I plan on working on cruise lines," she said.

Although Murphy has another year at Eudora High School, he said he'd like to study food and beverage management and eventually be the chef at his own restaurant. He now works part-time at Dairy Queen.

"It's a large step going from fast food to this," he said.

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