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City agenda stalls while fix is evident

November 29, 2001

City leaders have started the process for a new pool.

While we agree the city must carefully examine construction and ongoing costs, we would like to see the process put near the top of the city's agenda. The city has carefully managed its debt. With $6.3 million in outstanding debt, the city easily has the room to finance a new pool.

Eudora offers its young people few amenities at the present. An indoor community center may be in the offing as the city and school district sort out the future of the middle school after the passage of the bond issue. But that is two years away at the earliest. Our concern is that the city will wait the whole two years to get anything accomplished.

It's becoming clear a city administrator is needed sooner than later. When Mayor Ron Connor was elected in April he promised to create a top-10 list of things he wanted to get done. The Eudora News offered to print the list. We're still waiting for it.

It seems like the only thing the council and mayor have gotten done lately is deciding to wait. We recognize these are part-time, volunteers with other day jobs. But this only underscores our belief the city needs a full-time city administrator to push things through.

A city administrator was part of the 2002 budget completed in August. What has been done since? Study sessions, gathering feedback and researching options, all euphemisms for the truth: nothing. It's time progress was made on the city administrator, the pool and other issues. That's what is expected of our elected officials.

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