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November 29, 2001

To the American veterans and their families who bought ads in The Eudora News:

Thank you from the community food pantry for your donations. The food pantry uses all money donations to help stock our shelves when needed and it gives us the opportunity to give a money voucher to the families we help so they can purchase perishable items.

Thanks also to The Eudora News for helping to make the community aware of our needs.

On behalf of the Eudora Ministerial Alliance and the Eudora food pantry, thank you.

Margie Coleman


The covered wagon sculpture would be very impressive, not to mention expensive at $60,000. The possibility of federal grant money from the department of transportation would still leave Eudora with 20 or 30 percent of the tab that would cost the city at 30 percent a mere $18,000and that has not covered the wall for mounting! How many dollars will that cost?

Yes, this would be an eye catcher for our small town of low-income homes, trailer parks and roads needing repairsone, for example, the project of 2100 road that needs to be paved so our children going to school will have a safer road.

The transportation department is going to grant money for this sculpture and the city is also going allocate dollars when indeed this money should be set aside for a much more important issue.

One such project is East 2100 Road to enhance the safety of our citizens, not to enhance the beautification of an exit from Eudora. What is primary? I have to ask why this sculpture would boost Eudora's image and tourism?

As drivers pass this beautiful, expensive sculpture on Highway 10, many comments will be made to this beautiful sculpture as they are heading down the highway to hotels, eating establishments and shopping in Lawrence and Johnson County. Eudora is not close to any of that.

As stated the newspaper article, the sign is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, but more important is the lifetime of our citizens for a safer community. I suggest, Mr. Lauber and Mr. von Achen, that if you feel so strongly the sculpture to be placed in Eudora, then you may want to put forth your personal finances.

Pat Shawbaker,


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