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Arrowhead Hardware closing doors

October 4, 2001

Gary Lamoreux doesn't want to leave the hardware business he and his wife, Robbie, own in Eudora. But juggling between Arrowhead Hardware at Eighth and Main streets and the store in Baldwin City are getting to be a bit much.

"I find myself on the road all day," Lamoreux said. "I had to be in two places at the same time. I'm sure we'll be just as busy; we'll just be more productive."

Lamoreux said he felt his time would be better spent focusing efforts on one store rather than running between the two stores, which left him feeling unproductive.

Lamoreux said that although it wasn't always time or cost efficient, he liked to get customers items from the Baldwin store if they couldn't find it in Eudora.

"You can't work in a town for 20 years without feeling bad when you leave," he said. "These people aren't just my customers; they're my friends."

When Arrowhead closes its doors in late November it will leave Eudora without a hardware store, which Lamoreux said he regrets.

But Chamber of Commerce President Keith Turnbaugh said Ace Hardware was looking at possible sites in Eudora. However, the chain wants to sell lumber, trees and other large merchandise that would require an 8,000 to 10,000 square foot building. Turnbaugh said local Realtors were working to find a location for the business.

Even if another hardware store doesn't open in the same site, the building at 8th and Main streets will be occupied.

Co-owner Christine DeArmond said her store, Quilting Bits and Pieces, would move to the larger building, but didn't yet know what they would do with the extra space. She said the details might be ironed out in a month.

The store will have sales until closing that will "keep getting better and better," Lamoreux said. Although he's sad about leaving the business behind, Lamoreux said at least he took solace in the fact that business in Eudora has been great.

The Lamoreux's took over the business from Al Coleman 19 years ago.

"He would probably be sad today, too," Lamoreux said.

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