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Honor Porter by following her example

October 4, 2001

Marilyn Laws Porter wrote a letter to The Eudora News recognizing those who earned a Silver House award by contributing 40 or more volunteer hours to the recently completed Habitat for Humanity home.

Porter's letter included a long list of deserving volunteers and contributors. One very deserving name was missing, however. We would like to correct that slight and recognize Marilyn Laws Porter.

The Habitat home may have been built without her, but Porter provided much of the can-do leadership that transformed a vacant lot on Locust Street into a family home. This is not her only effort on the community's behalf. She plays a large role in Eudora's highly successful Relay for Life.

We could go on. But to honor the humility Porter showed in her letter, we won't embarrass her with more praise. We will, however, issue a challenge in her name.

The word community is often used synonymously with caring. But a collection of homes occupied by residents who shut out the world behind privacy fences is still a community. What Porter and other caring residents do is make Eudora a community of positive values.

Fund drives and volunteer projects make the newspaper, but caring is more often displayed by private generosities be it looking in on an elderly neighbor, taking soup to a sick friend or sharing a smile with the depressed co-worker.

This is the challenge we issue in Porter's name. Look around, Eudora residents. Identify one simple routine thing that will make our community, neighborhoods or schools better.

The collective effect of the unheralded kindnesses will be as significant as the most well-publicized fundraiser. And if you see Porter around town, thank her. Don't let her good deeds go without the appreciation she deserves whether she wants it or not.

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