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Eliminate cap on therapy services

Tell congress to support Medicare Access to Rehabilitation Services Act of 2001

October 11, 2001

October is National Physical Therapy Month, with the new slogan of the American Physical Therapy Association: "Physical Therapy, the science of healing, the art of caring."

Physical therapy is a medical science treatment program starting from World War I when soldiers returned with injuries and amputations needing rehabilitation. The profession has advanced to becoming an entry-level doctorate program in major universities associated with medical education programs.

Citizens reading this article can help their family members, and all present and future therapy patients by writing a letter to our Congressmen: Representative Dennis Moore, Senator Sam Brownback and Senator Pat Roberts.

Ask for their support of Senate Bill 1394, the Medicare Access to rehabilitation services Act of 2001.

A similar bill needs sponsors in the U.S. House of Representatives, and Kansas Congressmen needs to take a lead in provision of fair services to our friends and family members.

In 1997, Congress voted to put a $1500 cap per year on physical and speech therapy services, plus a $1500 cap per year on occupational therapy care.

This maximum coverage per year is the same for every Medicare patient, if they have a simple muscle sprain, or a stroke or Parkinson's Disease.

This is not fair to the persons who are the most ill and weak, and need help.

The cap includes care in skilled nursing facilities, outpatient care and can limit home care.

The American Physical Therapy Association collaborated with other health professionals to have a bill to put a 'moratorium' on this Medicare cap until December 2002.

Senate bill 1394 will remove the cap totally, allowing the current insurance review system to determine the medical appropriateness and need of care per each patient's case.

Send your letters NOW to ask for support of S. 1394, and to initiate a similar bill in the U.S. House of Representatives. If there are further questions, contact Carolyn Bloom, PT at 785.542.3333 or Bloom

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