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Nov. 6 vote will have greater impact than higher taxes

October 25, 2001

Eudora school district voters will make a decision critical to the future of the community when they vote Nov. 6 on the proposed $16 million bond issue to build a new high school.

Whether voters support or oppose the bond issue, no serious observer could deny the obvious growth that led district officials to bring the proposal to voters. As if to underscore the urgency growth is imposing on the district, work has recently started on the 80-home Shadow Ridge subdivision south and west of the high school complex.

In our opinion, the question voters must decide is whether the bond proposal provides the district the best blueprint for growth in the next decade. We'll leave it to voters to make that decision, but we do endorse the school district and advocates' contention that the most harmful attitude district voters can adopt is apathy.

There are plentiful resources for those looking to inform themselves on the issues. This paper has run a series of articles on the various aspects of the bond issue. Additional information is available at the K through 12 Solution Committee Web site at The school district will make additional informational material available in the near future.

Many of these resources include arguments for the bond issue, but more skeptical voters can avoid the advocacy and search for numbers like mill levies, debt service, state construction aid, enrollment projections and assessing the value of rearranging every building within the district.

After last year's presidential election, few would argue that a single voter can make a difference. That being the case, we would urge voters in the Eudora school district to do their best to make an informed decision and vote Nov. 6.

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