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Committee continues work to bring bond issue to light

September 6, 2001

Kim Schulz isn't alien to the committees of parents drawn by guilt. But not the school bond committee, called the It's a K through 12 Solution committee.

"It's a lesson in how to avert our eyes," coordinator Schulz said of organizations whose members hope to avoid responsibilities by avoiding eye contact with leaders. "This organization is not motivated in guilt. It's motivated to answer a need of overcrowding in our entire district."

She said the committee was meeting every other Tuesday night at 7 p.m. at the library in Eudora High School.

Right now, the committee has a brochure and Web site at where eventually the site's visitors will be able to calculate their personal tax increase if the school bond passes. Visitors can find answers to frequently asked questions as well as e-mail their own to Schulz at

Committee members have also scheduled voter registration drives to encourage those eligible to make their voices heard at the Nov. 6 vote for a $16 million school bond. The drives are tentatively set for community events like Eudorafest and high school football games as well as school events.

Schulz thinks the committee's primary job is to inform voters about what can be a complex issue. One of the main areas the committee focuses on, Schulz said, is making sure voters understand how a new high school will affect students in all grades. It's not about convincing, she said. It's about educating.

Fellow coordinator Karen Sanders said she'd been asked similar questions.

"Another thing I've been asked is how it will affect the child at Nottingham, 'Because my kids aren't at the high school,'" Sanders said. "I know a lot of the new people moving in are the ones with the younger children. We're trying to emphasize how it helps everybody, not just the high school kids."

Sanders said the taxing process confused potential voters, too.

"That's the big thing I've heard the most is, 'How much will it cost me exactly,'" she said. That's where the Web site's calculator will come in handy. The site will also provide another venue for potential voters to clarify misunderstandings and ask questions of the committee.

"It's a very difficult thing to get all this information out clearly to people," Schulz said. They have questions I never dreamed of. It makes me go hunt it down and find it out."

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