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Letters to the editor

September 6, 2001

Supports fire chief
Dear Editor,
In response to the recent editorial titled "Full time Chief not yet needed" I would like to express my sheer disappointment in The Eudora News.
Although I can respect the opinions of those who feel that placing a fire chief on a full-time salary is premature, the contents of the editorial should have been researched more carefully.
Spencer McCabe, the current fire chief is not only a first responder, but has been certified in both the EMT and EMT I courses. This means if a member of The Eudora News staff needed care beyond basic life support, he could possibly be the man to save your life.
He works four 10 hours days at his full-time job. Instead of relaxing on his day off, he performs fire inspections on Eudora businesses and in home day cares, as well as other department business.
He took a week's vacation during Fire Safety Week and did presentations for each class grades kindergarten through sixth grade for the Eudora School District.
Since Spencer McCabe was appointed chief, the department has not only grown, but every member is now certified in the Firefighter I course. This happened because Chief McCabe became certified as an instructor and helped to teach the department that course. In addition, he also became certified in the Firefighter II course. I am sure that having each member of the department certified would make a big impact if a Eudora News staff member's home were on fire.
Each member of the Eudora Fire Department works very hard maintaining their skills with monthly training sessions. It outrages me to think The Eudora News only thinks of their work as practice for the parade.
Again, I respect the opinion of those who feel a full-time chief isn't needed at this time, but to assume the fire chief does nothing but polish trucks simply "doesn't hold water."
Rachelle McCabe
Chief McCabe's wife,

Dear Editor,
Last night while I was on top of the roof of Nottingham Elementary at 2 a.m. during a heavy thunderstorm and pouring rain, I had an opportunity to think about last week's editorial in regard to this City's need for a full-time fire chief. As you may have guessed, I am a volunteer firefighter for the City of Eudora. As a firefighter, I have had an opportunity to see and appreciate the time and effort that Fire Chief Spencer McCabe has donated to this city. Yes, I said donated. I am aware that the Chief receives a stipend for his position. I am also aware of the number of late nights, early mornings and time away from his family that his position requires.
My disappointment lies in the fact that before this paper decided to publish its editorial, it spent little time establishing the facts upon which to base its opinion. If it had established the facts, it would have realized that last spring the Chief used a week of his vacation time to conduct the school fire-safety programs at the Eudora Schools. It would have identified the countless miles he has put on his own vehicle to attend meetings all over this county to represent this city. It would have realized that there are not many people out there who would be willing to sacrifice what he sacrifices for the Eudora Fire Department and this city. And it would have recognized that the Chief not only is qualified as a First Responder, he is certified as an EMT, and a Firefighter Instructor. Instead of demeaning the position by only recognizing what can be seen while driving by the Department or standing on Main Street in late July, if this paper had taken the time, it could have established an accurate picture of what the position entails.
As the position currently stands, it requires a person who is willing to work 40 hours a week and then a willingness to devote countless additional hours to this city. Not many are willing to do so much for so little. Frankly, I would not be willing to take the position. This city should consider itself lucky.
Dan Breedlove,

Community thanks
Dear Editor,
How to say Thank You? Where do I begin? Where are the words to adequately describe our gratitude for all of the love and support (both caring and financial) that you showed Brooke during her prolonged illness? She fought so hard to be a cancer survivor only to lose the biggest battle of alllife, as we know it, here on earth.
Brooke never understood the fuss about her strength, her bravery, or her dedication for a cure for cancer. She only felt the overwhelming desire to conquer a disease that ravaged and ultimately destroyed her body as well as the bodies of those whom she had known and had passed before her. I'm certain, without a doubt, that she was pleased to see the outpouring of love, caring, and support from this community as you surrounded her even in her final moments here in Eudora.
Now, as we carry on with only her memory, her spirit will forever be a driving force to have another goal-breaking Relay For Life, year after year, to conquer this disease called cancer.
From Brooke's entire familythank you for always being there for her. From the miracle of her birth to the miracle of her death, her 15/1/2 short years will forever be remembered.
Thank you Eudora, from the very bottom of our hearts!
Judi and Trevor O'Grady; Keven, Gale, Cailan, Sean and Derek O'Grady; Cindi, Troy, Taylour and Austin Tedder; Robyne, Daren, Samantha, Haleigh and Joshua Pippert; and Tyler and Jenny O'Grady

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