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School district aid in Winchester project should assure safety

April 11, 2002

The Eudora City Council is moving foward with plans to pave Winchester Road from 10th Street to Kansas Highway 10.

The overdue improvements to the road will include curbs and gutters. The city would like to make added improvements, including a turn lane in front of West Elementary and, perhaps, sidewalks.

Not surprisingly, the snag is money. The city, even with the $200,000 it will receive from Douglas County when the project is completed, doesn't have enough dollars on hand to make all the desired improvements. The council is asking the Eudora School District to contribute to the turn lanes. The board of education is to consider the request Thursday.

We understand state statutes constrain the ability of school districts to spend tax dollars to a much greater degree than municipalities. But we would encourage the school district to do everything in its power to participate in the project. The school district can participate in benefit districts for these types of improvements, something that wasn't asked of the district in this case although, the benefit to West Elementary is obvious.

The overriding concern is safety. With Eudora's youngest school children using an ever-busier street on their daily trips to and from school, sidewalks should be an essential part of the project.

We encourage the school board to approve participation in the project, but to use its leverage to assure the improvements address the essential need of safety.

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