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Pyle’s dismissal of youths’ views shortsighted
April 18, 2002
At a recent Eudora City Council meeting, Council member Tom Pyle expressed disapproval of Park Director Dianna Beebe’s plan to survey students in the Eudora school system about what they would like to see in a new pool.
Cardinals get second at Eudora Invitational
April 18, 2002
Tonganoxie emerged from a sea of red jerseys, worn by five of the nine schools, to win the boys and girls divisions Friday at the Eudora Invitational, the first meet of the season at Laws Field. Tonganoxie defeated Eudora 107-90, but the Cards managed to win a tight race over Osawatomie, 87, and Perry-Lecompton, 85. The Eudora girls team defeated the fourth-place Kaws three days after they enjoyed a landslide victory over the Cards in Perry.
Grants, scholarships help daycare providers
April 18, 2002
By animatedly reading storybooks or bouncing toddlers on her lap, local day care provider Linda Chancellor doesn’t just babysit she teaches, a philosophy she said was growing in the day care community.
Church should be firm, forgiving
April 18, 2002
The Roman Catholic Church is in a crisis. It’s not the first time the church has faced difficulties, and it likely won’t be the last time. But with every crisis comes opportunity. It’s an opportunity for church leaders to regain the trust of their parishioners, and it’s an opportunity for parishioners to learn more about love and compassion.