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August 1, 2002

Kansas needs a leader

Have you ever said, 'Kansas needs a leader who is not a career politician, who is not beholding to special interest groups or large PAC donators? A businessman who is not afraid to make the tough decisions to keep the expenditures within the Kansas budget, just like all businesses must do?'

Then you should vote for Dr. Dan Bloom on the Republican ticket. He will not waffle on issues, answers questions directly, and doesn't play political games. He will make decisions for the best interests of Kansans. He will not start a term with the idea of gathering funds for his next election, but of turning the deficit budget around while protecting the best interests of education and economic growth in Kansas.

Dan was an educator for 30 years and Superintendent of Schools for 17 years. The declining funding of education and spiraling deficit budget of the current Legislature and its leaders, spurred him to offer his service and experience to this campaign. Dan has not taken any PAC dollars, so he does not have expensive TV ads, but does a candidate really need to spend millions of dollars to gain office in Kansas? Is that the leader you want?

Dan's running mate is Eric Bloom, not only his son, but an architectural engineer with extensive computer and technology experience. Check his resume on the Web site at Eric will give encouragement to a younger generation of future leaders. Don't discount him because of his age or that he was selected for his skills and not for a political gain, gender, geographical voter advantage or PAC account.

Kansas has an entire Legislature of politicians. Kansas needs one top administrator/business person who has the interests of Kansans at heart and not his own political career. Vote Bloom/Bloom on Aug. 6 for Governor/Lt. Governor.

Carolyn Bloom,


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