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Tuesday’s vote

August 1, 2002

Candidates are scrambling this week to sway undecided voters as they wrap up primary campaigns. They have spent millions of dollars, placed thousands of yard signs and made hundreds of speeches. Most of that effort will be wasted. If history is any judge, voter turnout Tuesday will be around 30 percent.

Our history is one of successive groups fighting to earn the right to vote, whether it is the suffrage movement in the early 1900s or the civil rights movement of the 1960s. Women and African Americans saw the right to vote as necessary to protect their rights and a full validation of their worth and citizenship. With this history, it is astonishing how many of us indifferently cede our most precious right.

A lot is being asked of voters Tuesday. It is often said, there are three parties in Kansas the Democrats and the moderate and conservative Republicans. And while we hope GOP voters pick candidates based on merit and not labels, primaries are where Republican voters decide which wing of the party will be in ascendancy. Voters in Eudora have clear choices in the races for governor, attorney general, Congress and the Kansas House. The choices made Tuesday are of equal, if not greater, importance as those made in November.

For all the heat on the GOP side, Douglas County Democrats will have meager pickings. If a contested state school board race is not enough to motivate Democrats Tuesday, they can declare as Republicans at the polls and be part of the action.

It is our idealistic belief that greater participation contributes to better decisions. The state's current fiscal crisis is an issue that demands direction and a mandate from the people. We urge all to exercise their hard-earned right and vote.

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