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We shouldn’t be helpless victims of stupidity

December 12, 2002

Ideally, this space should be used to identify problems and suggest solutions or to praise those who have made our community better. It is a very American endeavor, full of hope and pragmatism.

Sometimes, however, things happen that seem so meaningless our rage and words are impotent. Such was the case last Wednesday when the community lost a friend, mother, wife and daughter to what was an apparently foolish act.

The community will do what it can, knowing its deeds can never fully replace the mother three children lost. Similarly, our good will not mend the hole created so suddenly for a husband, parents, siblings and friends.

We refuse, however, to remain powerless. The founders of Mothers Against Destructive Decisions suggest hurt and anger can be constructively channeled. Their efforts led to a nationwide crackdown on drunk drivers. Perhaps authorities should place equal emphasis on other dangerous and foolish driving decisions.

Cell phones are becoming commonplace. Too often, they don't have a place on the road, but it should be our duty to report the kinds of appallingly reckless acts we have all witnessed. Budget cuts are causing the Kansas Highway Patrol to scale back its enforcement efforts. It should welcome citizen attempts to make our highways safer by encouraging such calls and creating a system to monitor them.

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