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January 17, 2002

Keep Eudora clean

To the public of Eudora:

It's a disgrace to see the many beer bottles and Sonic wrappings along 2100 Road. If you want to drink beer, take care of your empty bottles.

When you try to keep your place halfway looking neat, you have to put up with the trash. After all, this dear U.S.A. is a very wonderful place to live when you stop and think about what happened to us on 9-11.

You better stop and think of our land.

Eva Belle Gerstenberger


Crucial time in education

I am a parent with three children in the Eudora School District and the proposed cuts in education have me very concerned with the fate of our schools.

I find it amazing the Kansas Legislature intends to make such drastic cuts in the schools' budget yet makes no attempts to cut the mandates that have caused the inflation in the education budget in the first place. A large portion of the budget must be set aside for the special services for a minority of our schools' population, leaving the cuts in standard academic programs

Our local school board and administrators have a much better grasp of what our schools need, yet due to the binding regulations, they have little say in how the budget can be divided. I think we need to give more decision power back to the administrators and parents of our local schools and get education back on track.

We all must remember that the students of today are the future leaders of tomorrow. Do we really want to make budget cuts from such an important part of our future?

Shari Turnbaugh,


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