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Basketball beginnings

Kimberlin introduces kids to the game

June 20, 2002

New Eudora High School girls basketball coach Cara Kimberlin hopes campers at the Cardinal Basketball Academy learn and gain an appreciation for the game of basketball.

"I hope they keep practicing, picking it up, dribbling and shooting it," Kimberlin said. "I hope they have fun. The high school girls had fun, and it's fun for Coach Schreiner and I to offer it to the community."

Kimberlin and former Eudora girls basketball coach Gretchen Schreiner instructed 52 first- through sixth-graders Monday through Thursday at the Eudora High School gymnasium. The first and second grade camp was co-ed but the third through sixth graders were for girls only.

"For the first- and second-graders, it's kind of an introduction to the game," Kimberlin said. "The third- and fourth-graders get a little more advanced. We try to get into more team defense and more full court passing drills with the fifth- and sixth-graders."

Kimberlin said there were more participants from the younger age groups at the camp. She also said many of the current high school players remembered learning about basketball as campers themselves. The camp allows many of the high school players to become positive role models in the eyes of the campers.

"If the (campers) come to a game, they'll realize that's someone who helped them," Kimberlin said.

Senior point guard Mallorie Cleveland, one of two starters returning for next year's Eudora girls basketball team, said she hoped to teach the campers as much as possible about the game.

"The Neis girls (Kari, Kris and Kelly) were always here," Cleveland said. "They always made it really fun, and I hope we can do the same for the kids. I just love working with kids. You get to help improve their skills and stuff like that."

For the first and second graders, Tuesday's session concluded with a shooting relay in which teams competed to see who could make the most baskets in a row.

Third-grader Kate Dennis said that Kimberlin and the high school players taught her several new things about the game of basketball.

"I liked learning more about basketball. It's one of my favorite sports," Dennis said. "My big sister started playing, and I wanted to start playing."

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