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June 20, 2002

To the staff of The Eudora News:

A special thank you to all of you for your coverage of the Relay for Life event in last weeks' edition of The Eudora News. For those of us who organize the event, it was "awesome" to pick up the paper and see our efforts rewarded in such a fine manner. You have been our constant supporter these past years, not only with news coverage, but also supporting us with a team this year.

To Dan Simon, who hails from a small town, you know what a small and determined group of people can do when there is a need, and you value and appreciate our efforts. To Elvyn J. Jones, we say, "Don't give up heart" or hope. The bad news is always there, but now and again a small "point of light shines" as it did in the darkness the night of June 7. We saw that light shine brightly in Theresa Abel, another member of your staff, as she read the family's tribute to her mother, Barb Cawley, a recently deceased survivor and supporter of the relay. In Eudora, that light will shine through the year until Relay 2003 as we continue to support our survivors and their families until January when once again we gather to organize the next relay.

To Erinn Barcomb, whose job it was to feature the relay, thank you for capturing in words the essence of the relay. To Roger Nomer, a man of few words, but one who has an eye for beauty, thank you for the photographs, which touched our hearts and memorialized this event. Who will forget the photo of Jenny Smith and her small daughter, Camiryn, our newest and youngest survivor, or the photo of our survivors Doris Oelschlaeger and Rita Conner holding the American flag from the 9-11 tragedy?

As we recover from sleep deprivation and reclaim our lives, after six months focusing on organizing this event, we reflect on the positive energy of the relay....on the goodwill poured out and the money raised, mostly in small amounts of $10, and we know that in spite of the darkness that so often threatens to overshadow us, goodness does prevail. In the words of Phillip Scott, pastor of Family of Faith Church in Eudora at the recent funeral of Carol Smith, a cancer victim, "cancer does not win it does not destroy love and faith and family." In Eudora, it only gathers us closer.


Marilyn Laws Porter,

Eudora Relay for Life co-chair

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