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May 23, 2002

This Memorial Day weekend, we celebrate the first anniversary of the "Rally 'Round the Flag, Eudora!" campaign. We would like to encourage all Eudorans to proudly fly their American flags this holiday weekend. In the last year, we have lost some of our freedoms in this country because of the 9/11 events However, our freedom to fly the American flag will never be taken away as long as we remain a free country. The size of the flag does not matter.

Hundreds of family and friends will gather to celebrate with the Eudora High School class of 2002 at its graduation this Sunday. We would like see everyone attending wear a piece of patriotic jewelry, necklace, bracelet, watch, lapel pin, etc. It's the perfect chance to show Eudora's patriotic spirit this holiday weekend. The very freedom to pursue an education is a direct result of the sacrifices our American soldiers, sailors, pilots, service men and women have made. Let's show our respect and acknowledge those who made our freedoms possible.

A special thanks goes to Joy and Clinton Clouse for helping to perpetuate the "Rally 'Round the Flag, Eudora!'" campaign.

Rex Burkhardt


With the new building coming into place for the new high school students, I'm wondering...Doesn't anyone think that we the student deserve more of an opportunity to succeed? There is only one foreign language class, and the drama program is minimal. I know of many people who go to school or have gone to school that have a forensics and a debate team. I don't feel that Eudora High School is doing enough to ensure a proper learning environment for the students.

I believe that as soon as the new building is open that the school should add more educational programs to its schedule. The school board has already taken out botany, because not enough students were enrolling, when I was going to attend that class my junior or senior year.

The Eudora school district has gone through a lot to put in a new soccer program, but can't we at least have the option to take French?

Maggie Chilcoat

Eudora High School freshman

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