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October 31, 2002

Holiday headache
I am writing this letter to say that changing Halloween for a ballgame is not right.
If there's ones that want to go to the game, then it's their choice, and the ones that are on the street need their parents with them.
To make us older people that cannot go to a game have to have little ones on two different nights is not right.
I don't mind, as I'm sure others don't also mind treating the little ones on one night but cannot afford two nights.
I would like to know what they will want to change next for some people to enjoy themselves.
Children need to learn they have a choice, and major holidays cannot be changed for them. Birthdays, Fourth of July, Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas and others should not be changed.
Bertie Morriss

Celebrate Oct. 31
Here is your 365-day advance notice that the United States recognizes a holiday, coast to coast, that occurs on the 31st day of October, every year. This has been true for centuries, and will probably be true for centuries to come. Unlike other holidays that may be mysterious about what day they occur, like Easter or Thanksgiving, Halloween occurs on the same day every year, much like Christmas and New Years.
There are several things about the Halloween postponement article from the Oct. 24 issue of The News that bother us. Mayor Ron Connor states, "I think we have the potential to have a lot of people at the football game." Even more people would be likely to show if they didn't have to choose between Halloween and the game. The article also states the roads near Laws Field could become precarious. We agree. Shouldn't this have been good motivation to plan the game for some other night than Oct. 31? Councilman Don Durkin states the game was scheduled for Oct. 31 because the winning team may have to play again on the following Tuesday, and the players apparently need more than four nights to recover. Why not move Thursday's game to Wednesday and give them six days to recover, have Halloween on Thursday, as per expected, and then allow a day of rest and study before Saturday's scheduled SAT exam (at least it shows it is scheduled on my official Eudora Schools 2002 - 2003 calendar)? The article then states that in the past people have complained when Halloween was changed because of night after night trick-or-treaters. Then why is the council subjecting the community to this again? How are you going to stop children from trick-or-treating on Thursday? Fine them?
We're glad the Council agreed "extensive advertising and notice would be required." When will this occur? We assume this single, small article providing limited 'notice' is the answer. The article in this paper hit the press on Oct. 24. Why did they wait 358 days to provide notice? You will also notice that the events listed at the bottom of the article still occur on Oct. 31. We guess these people will still have to decide which event they will attend. Our family supports the Eudora High School football team with all of it fund-raisers and regularly attend its games. However, as parents of several small children, we know what we will be doing Thursday night: Family comes first. As for the parents with children around Laws Field, we too are parents and we understand why you do not want your children out in the area with all the traffic.
Please join us trick-or-treating away from Laws Field where it will be safer, and we will be celebrating Halloween on Oct. 31.
Damon and Paula Bradley

Halloween hooray
I would like to applaud the city council's decision to move the trick or treat portion of Halloween to Friday, Nov. 1. Halloween has always been my favorite holiday, with friends and relatives coming from near and far to enjoy the festivities.
Although City Hall received several calls complaining of the switch, and the news coverage afforded us has been less than supportive of the decision, I feel there are benefits that some citizens are failing to see. It would be interesting to know what exactly is accomplished at school on the day after Halloween, when a teacher is faced with 18 tired and "over-sugared" children.
Aside from making it more feasible for my four children to attend the football game (which they do enjoy), safety is also figured into the equation. The traffic before and after a football game is a concern. Especially with the expected size of Thursday's crowd. I think "advertising" the switch has been handled well, and a week's notice is plenty of time for everyone to adjust.
Halloween is the only holiday I can think of that is specifically for children. I believe all that is being done here is to simply move it to a night on which the children could enjoy the celebration safely and for a few extra hours.
Erin Wellman
Holiday re-arranged
I would like to comment on the decision to move Halloween to Nov. 1 (Incidentally, nobody asked me).
I know it's not a popular opinion, but I'm totally against it. I object to having my holiday rearranged for a football game. I have never been a fan of football, but I don't care if others are until they start messing with my holiday. There is no safety issue where I live, because I'm nowhere near the football field.
No child that shows up at my house on Oct. 31 will leave empty handed.
Halloween is my favorite holiday, and I like it right where it is.
Sheery Regalado

No change of plans
In regard to the decree of our mayor, I would imagine he would benefit his constituents by doing his job rather than mandating how holidays are celebrated.
Oct. 31 is Halloween and my daughter's birthday. I do not plan to change either one.
My children are grown, but if they were still small, it would be my decision not a mayor's as to whether they went trick-or-treating or not.
He doesn't belong in my life to make decisions of any kind.
Beverly Willis
Shameful act
To the person or persons who took the "Heaven" plaque off our son's grave, I hope you are enjoying it. That plaque means so much to our family because it said exactly what we wanted to say to our son. Losing a child is hard enough without someone taking something that meant so much to our family. I do hope you will think about what you have done.
Dixie Kurtz

I would like to thank everyone at the Eudora Police Department, Fire Department, and EMS for responding to and helping with the birth of my son in the police office parking lot on Tuesday morning (Oct. 22).
He is doing fine, and I appreciate everybody who responded to the scene.
I would also like to thank officer Tom Willis. I know it's not everyday that a baby is born in a minivan in the parking lot of a police station. Again thank you to everybody.
Clint Moncrief

Taff support
I urge all District No. 3 citizens to vote on Tuesday, and to vote for Adam Taff for Congress. I respect both candidates for their positive campaigns without negative ads. However, I have spoken personally with Rep. Moore and with Adam Taff and I believe Mr. Taff to be more open-minded and supportive regarding the health care needs of our citizens covered by Medicare.
In a debate at Johnson County Community College last week, Adam Taff demonstrated his openness to dialogue and his consensus building style of leadership, which is much needed in Congress. Adam Taff will represent our community well, fairly, and with open accessibility to constituents. I urge you to vote for Taff on Nov. 5.
Carolyn Bloom

Tears for fears
of no Halloween
My daughter came home from Nottingham Elementary with a bright orange piece of paper titled "Proclamation Halloween 2002" and tears in her eyes. She wanted to know why Halloween was being canceled.
Kids look forward to Halloween for months. One can't simply rearrange it to fit a football schedule. Please excuse my assumption, but what kind of idiot schedules a football game on Halloween anyway?
Halloween falls on Oct. 31 every year. It always has. It's not a holiday with a flexible date. To suggest that it can simply be rescheduled is preposterous.
Not only is it ridiculous to think that children will understand, it is insulting to large groups of people. Nov. 1 is All Saints Day. Nov. 1 is El Dia De Los Muertos, the day of the dead. Nov. 1 is for celebrating the saints and the lives of loved ones that have gone from this world before us. October 31st, Halloween is for candy and costumes. November 1st is a day of respect, remembrance, and reflection. It is not appropriate to select an alternative date for Halloween. What is appropriate is to select an alternative date for the football game. The football game should never have been scheduled on Halloween in the first place.
Perhaps you, Mr. Conner, should take the City Council and the police department to the elementary schools and try to explain to the children of the city of Eudora why you've cancelled their Halloween.
Rebecca S. Moody

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