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A brave new world

District orients students to their new surroundings

August 14, 2003

A queue of students snaked around the new Eudora High School office Monday morning during one of the school's two packet days. Secretaries Vicki Johnson and Teresa Carnagie directed students where to go, and Activities Director Dave Durkin guided a few of them to the school's locker bays to test out their combinations.
But the new office, freshly-scrubbed hallways and recently-carpeted locker areas were the only parts of the building students saw Monday and Tuesday.
"A lot of them wanted to see it today," said Principal Dale Sample on Monday. "It's not quite finished, but it will be."
The students will have the opportunity to poke around the new building during orientation days, when each class will attend a half day of school by itself. It's something the high school had done in the past with freshmen only.
"It was a really good thing for the freshmen, and they enjoyed that," Sample said. "They got to go to their classes without seniors and juniors being here and any type of intimidation factor."
But with a new building, all high school students will be in a new environment.
"We wanted to bring every class in and orient them to the new surroundings," Sample said. "In a lot of ways, as far as knowing the building, they're all new to it.With the building being new and all the things being covered, we'll get it done with every single class."
The prospect of touring the building and visiting their classrooms put freshmen Chris Hickman and Erryn Kindle at ease, they said Monday while testing out their lockers.
As students were getting themselves enrolled and into the swing of things at school again, Sample said staff was doing the same.
"Teachers are getting things moved into their rooms," he said. "It's busy and hectic right now."
Although students will be in the building beginning Tuesday, the gymnasium doesn't look to be completed until early October.
At a date this fall yet to be scheduled, the district will have a grand opening and open house, allowing community members to get the grand tour themselves.
"We're tickled to death," Sample said. "It's going to be something everybody's real proud of when it's finished."

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