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Cell tower placement

August 14, 2003

In reading the comments made by members of the City Council about where the tower should be placed, I had a big laugh about keeping K-10 clean.
Oh, come on -- you better open your eyes and take a better look.
Driving west on K-10 and approaching the 1061 exit, I see a huge lower price-bracket housing development with homes so close together and not at all appealing. At the 1061 exit, turning north, there is a huge apartment complex, and next to the apartments are duplexes continuing down several streets with rows of duplexes and many needing work, which are not appealing. Continue on down 1061, or Church Street, looking over the rest of the town. There you see homes needing paint, new windows, roof damage, yards not kept up and yards filled with what I call junk, and a multitude of cars or trucks that look like they have not been driven in months.
With the ideas of being a stickler for keeping K-10 clean and being a hypocrite, to quote a Council member, it's best you look into your backyard first.
The cell tower being placed in the city ballpark would be no more of an eyesore than looking at the huge light poles around the ballpark, not to mention when lights are turned on you are blinded at the K-10 exit onto 1061.
As for the tower, they should go elsewhere. They don't need the hassle Eudora puts forth. Someone would like to have that monthly paycheck from the cell phone company.
Pat Shawbaker

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