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August 14, 2003

7 years ago
August 1996
The Eudora Board of Education approved the district's 1996-97 budget. The document called for estimated general fund expenditures of $5,018,918 and total expenditures of $8,412,111. Items budgeted for but that did not come out of the general fund included capital outlay improvements, driver's education, food service, inservice education, special education, transportation and vocational education.
The board also approve an addition of a fourth sixth-grade section at Eudora West Elementary School. The number of students was at 81, which would have broken down into classes of 26, 27 and 28 without the added section.
¢ Six-year-old Dylan Mumaw, son of Curtis and Sandra Mumaw, Lake Perry, and grandson of Don and Mardella Dearing, Eudora, won the gold medal in karate at the Sunflower State Games in Lawrence.
¢ Julie Carden, 13, a member of the Eudora 4-H Club, was crowned the 1996 4-H Royalty Queen at the Douglas County 4-H Horse Show.
She was the youngest participant and was required to take a written test covering the 4-H horse rule book, interview with the judges, give a 10-minute presentation in front of judges, and was also judged on horse grooming and contestant appearance as well as riding the horse pattern in the arena.

67 years ago
August 1936
The shoulders were being paved on Highway No. 10. It was expected to be opened in about 10 days but not in time for the CPA Picnic crowd from Lawrence.
The new slab was an experiment road. Testing machines, thermometers, rain gauges, instruments for measuring stress and strain and other gadgets were built alongside, into and under the pavement. During the intense heat, men were measuring how much the pavement changed every second. They found that a section of the slab 50 feet long changed 3/8 of an inch in three minutes.
¢ Ralph Greiner had his left foot badly cut while plowing with a tractor for Ray and Will Miller on their 40-acre tract, one mile south of town. His left foot was caught between the fender and the wheel, and the lugs on the wheel cut his foot open from the toes to the upper instep. He was taken to St. Margaret's Hospital in Kansas City, and X-rays revealed no bones were broken, but the large bone of the instep was chipped.
When his foot was caught between the wheel and fender, the shoe was torn from his foot, and that probably saved his leg and possibly his life. He was alone in the field.
After tying a handkerchief around his ankle to stop the flow of blood, he started across the plowed field to the road. John Reusch, who was coming along at the time, picked him up and took him to his home. Charles Schehrer took him to the hospital later.
¢ John and Artimisha Maness celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary with a basket dinner in the Pilla grove on the banks of the Wakarusa.
¢ Arletta Grimes, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Guy Grimes, who had been employed in a beauty parlor in Kansas City for some time, had her appendix removed at St. Joseph's hospital.
¢ Clifford Olander and Bert Daugherty caught a catfish that weighed 16-1/2 pounds in the Kaw River near the Leslie Kindred farm.

76 years ago
August 1927
A skunk killed 92 of Mrs. Albert von Gunten's spring chickens. Mr. von Gunten discovered the skunk killing the chickens. He shot the skunk with a shotgun.
¢ Lightning killed a cow belonging to Phillip Gabriel and a horse owned by Albert Luther during an electrical storm.
¢ Features of the C.P.A. Picnic included boxers, jazz dancers, singers, a balloon ascension and the merry-go-round.
¢ Gus Ziesenis built a cozy corner in his shoe repair shop to be used for the ladies who had their shoes repaired and wished to wait until the job was competed.
¢ C.P.A. Lodge officers were Charles Gabriel, president; Fred Walker, secretary; and L.M. Walters, treasurer.
¢ Shoppers could buy 11 bars of Ben Hur soap for 43 cents at C. Pilla Department Store. Ladies knit underwear cost 37 cents a pair at Eudora Department Store.

92 years ago
June 1911
Frank Blechel reported growing peaches with a nine-inch circumference.
¢ James Milburn donated a dollar to the News office to reduce an overdraft at the bank.
¢ The Eudora Blues played a 10-inning game with the Lawrence All-Stars. The game ended in a 9-9 tie to allow the visiting team to catch the 5:30 train.
¢ The friends of George and Howard Woodard gave a surprise party in their honor. Watermelon was served.
¢ George Lothholz said he was "as fine as frog hair" following an illness. He and his wife spent their vacation in Colorado.
¢ Henry Deckwa visited his aunt, Mrs. Bishoff, who was sick with dropsy.

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