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Land offer creates park possibility

December 4, 2003

The city of Eudora has been presented with another possibility for an eastside park.
The developer of the Prairie Estates neighborhood has offered two parcels of land on Peach Street across from Peach Court for park development.
The Eudora City Council will take up the issue again at a future meeting. In the meantime, Council member Tom Pyle said he would talk with the adjacent landowner about selling or donating some of his property to make a decent-sized park.
"It would make it much more usable and a nice park area," Pyle said.
Having adjacent property would help secure the future of a park in another way, too, said City Administrator Mike Yanez. Currently the site is bordered by barbed wire fencing, which wouldn't be desirable when bringing children to the site.
The idea for a future park at that site was to create a small neighborhood park. Council member Scott Hopson said that could mean a basketball court and other small play areas but no larger park features, like restrooms.
Mayor Ron Conner said such a park would do better tohave flowers, shrubs and other accouterments. Furthermore, he said it would seem appropriate to have a homeowner's association contribute to the park in some way.
The neighborhood's young population would be served well by a park, Hopson said.
"There are kids everywhere in Prairie Estates," he said.
City Attorney Jerry Cooley cautioned the city against designating the property as parkland until all plans were assembled. He said designating it parkland made it more difficult for the city to do something else with the land if it so decided.
The Council decided to talk about the issue further after making contact with the adjacent property owner.
"I think we've got something we can keep working with," Conner said.
In September, the city discussed the possibility of creating an eastside park or 16,000 square feet of city-owned property near Prairie Estates.

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